A Safe Trip – 9 important tips when  travelling to Hong Kong now

Singaporeans, we all love to take a break from our hectic work life and nothing beats a short overseas trip to our favourite or desired country. However, we all want to have a journey that is worry-free and safe, and of course, I am referring to a travel insurance. Ever since travel insurance have been implemented in 1846, travellers, tourists and even backpackers have found it the perfect solution for their worries. However, every solution has its flaws and same goes for insurance policies, which is bound to have exclusions that will be critical for you to know. So let us look at a current case study!

Many countries are paying close attention to the Hong Kong protest that have been occurring over the past few months. But apart from governments, travellers that are travelling or planning to travel to Hong Kong are also keeping their eye on the topic. As we all know, Hong Kong has been the most robust city in South East Asia, having one of the best economy in the region, they are also known for that popular tourist attractions such as Victoria Park, Tian Tan Buddha and many more. So what are travellers worried about? The answer is of course, travel insurance.

Travel insurance are policies that helps protect the policyholders during their travel. However, it is important to note that there are certain events and situations that are not covered under such policy. Therefore, it is crucial for you to find the right policy that suits your needs and this rule applies to all types of insurance.

So let’s take it into context for Hong Kong. In an event where the country is “unstable”, it is common for insurers to exclude such events from their travel insurance. Travellers, on the other hand, will have to bear the risk of being exposed to such danger. In this case, many insurers refer to the protest in Hong Kong as “known event” and since travel insurance plans are meant to cover unforeseen circumstances or events that one cannot knowingly predict, the event in Hong Kong is considered as “known event”. In such a situation, insurers tend to step out with a clear statement to avoid confusion for their customers.

For example, AIG released a statement regarding their travel insurance cover:

“No cover will be provided for losses or damages in connection with such ongoing protests and associated disruptions unless the Travel Guard or Travel Guard Direct policy was purchased before 5 August 2019 0001 hours.”
So what can you do as a traveller? In this situation, we would strongly recommend you to seek advice from your insurer regarding your policy cover and do not make assumptions.
Apart from coverage, it is important to clarify the premium for your policy especially in such events. Many insurers would most likely stick to the same premium but include terms that would exclude coverage for damage and loss that are directly or indirectly resulted by the protest in Hong Kong. Therefore, it will be highly unlikely that your insurer would ask for high premium for coverage over such events.

If you are looking at this article, we believe that you are seeking to find a solution for your trip or maybe another approach to protect yourself from such an event. Therefore, we are glad to share with you some recommendations that you can consider and hopefully you will be able to enjoy your year-end holiday without any worry!


  1. Avoid the country
    Yes, this might sound foolproof but if it is possible for you to avoid visiting the country, we would recommend you to avoid it. This will help you to get better coverage for your holiday since most travel insurance still covers trip to another country and it can prevent you from incurring damages and loss from the event in Hong Kong.
  2. Seek professional advice from your insurer
    In situations where you are unable to avoid travelling to Hong Kong, we would strongly recommend you to seek clarification with your insurer to get updates regarding the coverage and premium for your travel insurance. Besides that, you are also recommended to avoid areas where there are active protest-related activities. This can help to minimise your chances of suffering damages and loss that will not be covered under your policy.
  3. Register with MFA
    Singaporeans in Hong Kong are advised to register online with the MFA eRegister system to record travel itineraries. Registering will enable them to contact you and check-in if you are safe, as well as provide assistance when needed in emergency situations, such as civil unrest. Best part about this service is that it’s FREE!

Apart from that, some of you might still be wondering “should I still get travel insurance for Hong Kong?”

The simple answer is YOU SHOULD!

  1. Get a travel insurance
    So why do you still need to “get a travel insurance”? If you are still planning to travel to Hong Kong, we would highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance as most comprehensive travel insurance can still cover you in Hong Kong in 2019, but not for anything related to the protest. Travel interruptions, thefts and medical-related events will still be covered under your policy. Therefore, regardless of the country you are travelling to, it is still crucial for you to get a plan to protect yourself.

Find out more about our travel insurance here:

Besides travel insurance, other insurance plans you may consider when travelling abroad are:

  • Personal Accident Insurance
    Most personal accident plans offer worldwide 24-hour protection against sudden, unforeseen and unexpected events. This will provide you and your family a better coverage over your medical expenses as they offer monetary compensation that will cover your treatment expenses. However, it is also important to look out for unique features offered by various insurers. For example, Sompo offers plans that includes coverage for full terrorism, food poisoning, accidental miscarriage and insect/animal bites. On top of that, Sompo PA plan offers wider definition for their coverage whereby the policy does not require the accident to be violent, visible or external to be covered in their plans.

Find out more about Sompo PA plan here: https://rafflesprovident.com.sg/complimentary-pa-coverage/


  • Medical Insurance
    Similar to personal accident plans, some medical insurance also offers worldwide coverage. In the context of medical insurance, it offers a more comprehensive coverage in the event of hospitalisation within or outside of Singapore. On top of that, it will provide daily hospital income of up to 730 days per medical condition and incorporates recuperation benefit for the policyholders.

To find out more about medical insurance plans:

  • Telemedicine
    However, insurances are not the only way to protect yourself in a foreign land. One alternative is telemedicine. This is a service that will provide users’ access to professionalmedical service worldwide, allowing you to seek medical help immediately. The best part about this service is that it is extremely affordable for all. With its consultation cost rangingfrom $10 to $15, you will be able to get the help you need anywhere at any time.

Find out more about telemedicine here: https://rafflesprovident.com.sg/customer-care/


A safe trip contributes significantly to your travel experience. Therefore, take your time to look for the right policy to avoid any claim-related problems. Like we always say, “Travel worry-free with the right policy!”  

On that note, we hope that you will enjoy a SAFE and WONDERFUL year-end break for you and your family! 

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