Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery speaks to nearly everyone. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings and pins, whether of feathers, ivory, precious metals, alloys or gemstones, are worn with pride. It can convey taste, style or tradition. Each piece reveals its creator’s culture and imagination.


  • “All Risks” coverage on a worldwide basis
  • Same insured terms away from home on a worldwide basis
  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions on a worldwide basis

  • Automatic cover for new acquisitions up to 30% of the amount insured
  • Nil Excess on a worldwide basis

  • Specified or Unspecified coverage

  • Specified items are insured on an Agreed Value basis
  • Unspecified items are insured on a Market Value basis
  • Covers cost of restoration as well as depreciation in value after the loss
  • Pairs and sets: Value of the entire pair or set is paid when only part of the pair or set is lost or damaged. Insured’s choice to claim the total loss but surrender the undamaged items to the insurer

Caring for your jewellery collections:

  • Return your jewellery to a safe storage place after each wearing
  • Bolt down your home safe in a hidden and discreet area
  • Regularly examine the condition of each piece: check for loose settings and worn strings
  • Have any weaknesses or damages repaired
  • Have your high-valued jewellery professionally cleaned
  • Become familiar with industry standards of measurement and evaluations
  • Keep all of your purchase invoices together in one file
  • Whilst travelling:
    • Bring only items you will wear during the trip
    • Never put jewellery in a check-in luggage
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