Employee Healthcare

Top 10 Employee Benefits People Look For

One of the top 10 employee benefits people look for, employees can benefit from insurance coverage as it ensures that that their health is looked after. This not only shows that the employers genuinely care for and look after their employees, it also sets the employee’s mind to rest that they are being covered for.
This is highly sought after as well as flexible working hours not only provides employees the opportunity to pursue a work-life balance, helping employees to cope with work and family commitments more effectively. It also increases the productivity of employees.
Tied together with flexible working hours, being able to have a flexible working location (such as working from office half the time, and working away from office the other half of the time) helps employees to pursue a work-life balance.
This is especially important for fresh graduates who are looking to enhance their education in the near future. In addition, other employees can also tap onto this benefit and improve their own skills without incurring an additional substantial cost, making it one of the top 10 benefits sought after.
Assisting employees with personal and/or work-related problems are sought by employees as it provides a confidential outlet for these employees. In addition, this ensures that employees are cared for holistically.
This is crucial from employee’s perspective as it helps them to strive for work-life balance, while welcoming a new family member and transitioning to parenthood. In addition, this resonates reassurance to employees that they will not be retrenched just because they are having a baby, which is a concern for most working parents, especially mothers.
In addition to paid maternity and paternity leave, employees are looking for more leave benefits. This may include leave for bereavement, childcare leave, or even unique benefits that the company may provide such as extra leave for long-serving staff.
These can come in the form of subsidised fitness passes, and they are highly sought by employees because it provides employees with an avenue to wind down after a full day of work, and also, maintain their fitness.
Having accessible food options within or surrounding the place of employment is a plus point for employee benefits. In addition, employee benefits could also include working together with partners or third parties to introduce external benefits, such as discounts, to employees.
Last but not least, employees do look for company outings and overseas trip. Not only does this increase their exposure, it also allows bonding time within the company. Moreover, it provides employees with a time to relax and rejuvenate, recharging themselves for future tasks.

It's about having peace of mind, not just insurance.

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