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Receive amazing COMPLIMENTARY offers car maintenance & protection packages 

Free Gifts worth of $255!


  • 5W40 SN/CF PAO + 4 Anti-Friction 70ml (RSP $100): Engine oil and 4 sets Anti-friction Oil Additive by Mega Oil

  • ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD2 Car Code Reader ( RSP $60): Car diagnostic tool that is designed to interface the vehicle’s computer and report trouble codes. 
  • Umbrella (RSP $25): Helps to protect you from severe weather elements or from the sun. 
  • Powdered fire extinguisher 500g (RSP $25): To put out small fires that may occur under the vehicle.
  • Reflective Triangular Car Failure sign  (RSP $10): When your vehicle breaks down, this will help warn the ongoing traffic that there is a potential hazard or condition that needs special attention. 
  • Car Emergency Bag (RSP $10): To store your supplies and kits into one durable canvas bag. 
  • ABS Portable Break Glass Hammer (RSP $10): It is a safety device used in vehicles to break through window glass in an emergency. It is a simple tool with a plastic handle and pointed steel tip.
  • Safety vest (RSP $10): High visibility reflective vest is used as a safety and precautionary measure. This will help prevent any injury.
  • Gloves (RSP $5): To keep your hands safe from any heat or chemical contacts when inspecting your car. 

ANCEL AD310 Universal OBD2 Car Code Reader

The tool you never knew you needed is now at your disposal 24/7!

This classic Car Code Reader will pinpoint the source of your car’s malfunction without the help of a technician by your side. The ANCEL AD310 provides a fast scan and helps to clear trouble codes so easily that even a beginner can use it. This will save you the trouble of visiting the automobile repair shop, as you’re more likely to be able to fix the problem by yourself. 

The ANCEL AD310 scanner is well built with a large LCD display with white backlight and contrast adjustments to indicate test results directly. PLUS, it is powered directly to you vehicle thus there is no need for any batteries or charger. 


Option B

Receive a COMPLIMENTARY* Preventative Car Maintenance Servicing Package by signing up Motorcar Insurance with Raffles Provident LLP today!

* (While Stocks Last)

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